52 Playing Cards & Poker Chips

I originally made these cards as a request, but I’ve since-added additional content, so I thought I might do a proper release.





The pack includes 52 realistically-sized playing cards (two models with fifty two skins between them), 5 different poker chips (pre-stacked and loose) and a tidy stack of cards. They all have very tiny and thin collision models, so they’ll sit comfortably in the messiest of piles!

Happy gambling!

Rated Winner.

I love its detail :slight_smile:

So useful. Thanks =)

Very good, Downloading now!

Just out of curiosity,
Is there a joker card?

There’s not, sorry =(

Damn… I may have to skin one then.

Sorry I didn’t include it, but here’s a properly sized texture that you can use to replace one of the existing cards:


You have won my heart.
Okay maybe not, but at least you have my chips.

athos now’s your chance

Great! Now I can play Caravan and get really confused!

We have a winner.
Cool stuffs.

Someone needs to make a poker gametype! Or add a Casino script for RP.

So much potential.


“I would put all the effort in the world to get a royal flush.”-Gman.

Very nice.

Excellent, an ace of spades card to stick onto my helmet or headband :D.

All in!
i love this

ill say indeed