56,250,000 MPH in Garry's Mod!

using Jinto’s Physics Mod i went this fast.
I’m not sure if this is considered cheating lol
Don’t complain about the music.

Holy duly, That is so fucking fast that your computer lagged during which.

I have to get that Mod.

Oh it didn’t lag, I should have noted that i slowed the video down.

Oh… that would explain it…

Still that was so damn fast.

I don’t think going that fast really effects performance in gmod.

Yeah… but it could because it has to calculate a much larger number which usually delays proccessing of data… thus lag.

Yeah that’s true. I should try to go even faster!

lol, nicely done.

just give me save and variables settings

well it’s pretty simple just get Jinto’s physics mod and make the stupid contraption that I made and attach a speedometer to it and you gonna go faster than fuck!:smiley:

the settings I used for it was “phys_maxvelocity 999999999”. not sure how many 9s were used, I just know there was alot. lol

Damn it, I know that song, I thing I might even have it on my computer, I just can’t remember what it’s called.

Also cool contraption, next time set a camara to follow the pod.

I think you can only have 6 9’s (999,999). I tried 7+ and it didn’t go faster than 112mph.

SHould have set it up with a memory gate and a greater than to get the max speed as well.

It might have gone higher.

wow that is amazing

You went that fast? That’s amazing! :v:

lol… no

Next step in gmod…


Travel back to the past of GM_Construct and meet dinosaurs…

…and see how huge their wangs are… bricked

Damn the speed of light is 670,616,629.2 miles per hour and only massless objects can go that fast lol

I love how you made it start slow, then 30 seconds later it went crazy. Made the whole video much funnier to watch.