56 Horizontal Door Panels; No Structural Supports - Mar 11

As of March 11 - (56) sideways doors being laid out having no structural supports to “crane” into an enemy base

This is probably the most game-breaking exploit I have seen in over 300 hours played.

This needs to get fixed, fast.

This was on a live public server that typically hosts 100+ players during peak hours called Rustopia. This is one of the best servers I’ve played on with active admins, this was just missed, admins have been made aware.

I made em longer!

Those guys splatted for sure. That’s too high.

I agree, I doubt they survived the fall. But they could have made the “crane” a bit lower and survived. I doubt the targeted base’s build privileges extend as high as the “crane” in this picture.

I’m guessing they exploited the “disconnect just before impact, then reconnect and incur no damage” bug, to avoid splatting…

Theoretically (as reported by Rustafied) this has been fixed for the update today.

And yes, they would clearly be using the sleep (sleep in console or disconnect as neil said) to avoid fall damage exploit to use this skybridge.

I don’t think this works anymore,trying to build horizontally with pillars,walls or anything else just refunds the wood.Also using the sleep function just makes you freeze in midair and you fall to your death when you wake up,same with disconnecting and reconnecting.

Have you tried this in dev? You can still do this in main. You just have to time it right so that the fall after you sleep is survivable. When our server started spawning people in mid-air, I was able to spawn by waiting to sleep until right before impact and surviving the fall when I woke up.

no wonder lol,i went to sleep as soon as i jumped.Didn’t know velocity reset when you went to sleep.