5th Element Police officer

Hey guys, I’ve been around FP for quite a while, and I was hoping some kind heart could model a 5th element police officer, rigged and all, I’d be happy to do it myself, but I’m modeling retarded. Below i’ve attached photo’s.


If someone does end up doing this, I would gladly pay you.

I’ll do it for $500. 8L

its worth more like 30$…but yeah 500$ is fair and should be the only price you pay to him.

If we assume $20 an hour, which is middling to low for a character artist, and we assume I can do it in 24 hours (which is very optimistic) then that’s $480. But that’s definitely lowballing it.

But also, OP, modeling is hard work. Nobody is born knowing how to model, you have to spend hundreds of hours practicing. I learned to model because there were models I wanted made that nobody else wanted to make–if you really want a Fifth Element cop that bad, nothing’s stopping you. :slight_smile:

This is true, any tips on how to get started for dummies?

I’d start on an existing model and attempt to alter/add to it

A lot of people get started modeling with Blender, which I think is free or pretty cheap? There’s probably a lot of tutorials for it. I use Maya, which is pretty good for Source models.

Hey Angry man,
I know I’m just 3 years late, but
I can do the police gun for you free of cost, I’ll also see if I can work on the police officer. Also, don’t hire anyone to model it for you or buy a rig/model. It just isn’t worth it, are these guys seriously charging about 500 bucks and calling it low pay? Also I learnt all my modelling through pluralsight / digital tutors (they are the same thing now). I recommend you just spend that $500 on a year of professional online courses + live mentoring (from pluralsight) and be able to model anything you want youself.
let me know how you go.