6/18 NEW server. vanilla w/destroy. PERFECT for starting out

There are actually active admins here. 1 night shift worker who plays days and 2 who are on primetime. This is the only server I’ve found with active admins so far. I’m advertising because the population is low and we need some more people! there is only one person who is even established on this server it’s so new and unpopulated at the time. There’s usually 3-4 people online and I’m trying to help change that for the admins since they are putting their time into the game itself. The admins are all late 20s and mature so you don’t have to worry about any immature stuff going on with that end of the game. There is also a PVP arena that’s been built by the admins and will be utilized when we get a steady population going. this is a server where you can start out fresh and actually play without getting raided on day 1, but do expect some PVP.

Come try us out: net.connect

Admins take player feedback on what to add. They just added /location /compass and a chat history thing.