6/21 Rust Societies Beta, Currency, StarterKits, Towns, Town Police, Arena, Shops, and much more!

I am happy to announce the opening of a new world of Rust! ~No Abuse~ ~NoDura~


The roleplay aspect has been around for about a month. However, we have improved and tested a system in which players can trade with each other and find more creative ways of achieving power in the game. It’s like Red Dead Redemption except in Rust. Take on a role as a police officer, mafia henchman, a citizen, or just be independent and go your own way, against the law or not. The choice is up to yours. Your decisions will affect your reputation with local police, who will try to arrest and stop you for crimes. There are factions in the game, that of which are the Police and the Mafia, other factions can be started by players and may play an integral role on the server. Players may try to buy and sell their way to buy C4 from the shop, or even create a shop themselves.

The server is modded to include many important features:

  • Paper drops and coins (Both of which are used for money. Paper is currency, a claimcheck on coins. See website for details.)
    -Safe zones (Trading areas)
  • Auto-Arena (Gives rewards)
  • /KIT builder and starter
  • Half Crafting Time
  • Groups
  • /List
  • /spawn
  • /prices

There are crimes that local police will attempt to prosecute for. (See website for details)

Welcome! Please remember that the concept is in Beta, but for now most of everything is settled out except for some prices here and there.

<<<<<Website>>>>> http://rustsocietie.clanservers.com/Guide/

Excerpts from our website:
Here at Rust Societies you have many opportunities to advance your success on the server may it be by progressing in your occupation, funds, or fame. It is possible to start your own franchise of stores (read Stores/Items) or even your own town(s) by obtaining a deed from one of the Admins!

Your territory or land is marked by a area of Large Spiked Walls where you could make a store and a territory for homes to be built and more, and if you offer good security or other reasons for people to move into your city then you can start your own police force, laws, and collect taxes as well and more!

Paper is the servers currency! There are a few ways to get a money. The first way is to obviously get a job! You can apply for security work at stores/businesses, build your own apartment complex, be a hitman/bounty hunter, sell items at stores, research paper and craft it (counterfeit), make your own city and collect taxes, be a cop, sell drugs, loot boxes, make a store & sell items, and more!

  • When you kill someone or commit a crime, the only way you can be caught is if someone witnessed it in person.
    If you break the law make sure that there are no witnesses- otherwise if reported to the police you can be subpoenaed to go to court. No Witness = No Crime!

  • All police will have Police or DEA in their name. If an officer is telling you to do something and you are resisting he has the right to detain you. When outside the safe-zone and an officer is trying to arrest you- when you resist you may be shot and killed.

  • A warrant for your arrest will be issued. You may be teleported to court only if you request it. If a cop finds you outside of a safe-zone he has the right to search you, Or Shot you if you If you resist If are killed you will be arrested and telported to Jail!

  • You have the right to defend yourself and your land. If someone is trespassing on your land you may tell them to get off and call 911 if they refuse. Your land is defined by a radius of spiked walls. If someone is trespassing inside of your home you may open fire.

  • You have the right to bear arms except for in towns. There is a concealed carry law in effect at towns, this includes melee weapons. You may be fined or jailed if found breaking the laws. Each player created city may have its own laws and police.

Already up to 18 people and moving forward! So far players have set up 2 shops near town; come have some fun with us