6/23-Safehvn|OptionalPVP|SlowWeap|noC4|Hlp2Nwbs|Nodur|S lowdecay

New server that has about 8 players that come on daily. Looking to bolster the ranks with people either new to Rust looking for a safe place to learn / game or other friendlies to make a solid community.

Use Oxide with compass, chat history, auto door close, infinite lighting, friend list with no friendly fire settings.

Currently air drops when 2+ are online, will adjust when we can get more people online at all times.

Fair admin, no abuse, willing to help and answer questions.


Server is also now running an Economy addon and there will soon be a new event on the server as soon as mats are farmed up for it. Currently the first level of metal maze has been created for Players to “raid” without fear from the admin of retaliation and can get all kinds of rewards if they manage to actually find the “treasure crates” inside the soon to be many leveled maze.

New server name:

Same connection: net.connect

Complete restructure of server and new as of June 23rd, US server.

This server is meant to be a safe place for those who are very new to Rust, have questions on game play, need helpful tips or just want a place they can build with no fear of PVP / Raiding. PVP is optional and those who do not wish to PVP can have a shield enabled so they do not take damage from other players. If they decided to PVP that will be their choice and any shield currently on is removed instantly when they do damage to another building or player.

There is no C4 so players will need a lot more grenades if they do want to raid and so it will be a much safer place to just build up, but don’t forget defenses to be safe! There is also a custom loot list that has been tested to for slow military weapons and research kits so it will create a more Rust / Survival atmosphere for a good portion of the early game and also encourages trading. Currently I am the only admin and I play daily as well as watch chat through an admin tool in case someone gets on while I am away. There will be no admin abuse or fear of retaliation (other than defense of course) against anyone who chooses to raid / PVP against me if I am currently not shielded up for non-PVP, I also do not play in Admin mode.

There are a lot of nice addons to change the aspect of the game from a vanilla server to include:

  1. Door closer
  2. Advanced Chat
  3. Auto compass
  4. Chat history
  5. Slow Decay
  6. Door Share
  7. Friends and no Friendly Fire
  8. Infinite Furnace (for lighting)
  9. Beginner Kits
  10. Custom loot spawn and C4 removed from crafting / research / drops
  11. Owner Removal tool with pick axe
  12. PVP Protection shield
  13. Limited Time Sleepers (after 10 minutes your body is no longer able to be killed and looted)

Currently not running economy until full testing of how it would affect the more slowed down loot system, may soon add it to allow selling of loot while away from home / acquire specific harder to get items. Airdrops are currently set for 5 players, and can be adjusted depending on population.

Love this server! freindly people and more importantly a helpfull community.

Just created a Unique Leveling system (editing LES, thank you for awesome plugin) and a Unique Economy system (editing basic economy, thank you for awesome plugin). You can sell items but only buy certain items as you level up to avoid early abuse. After level 10 you get stat points to place in very specific weapons or armor (ones that are not used often) to do double damage (triple with melee) and create a different way of fighting. These damages only occur against AI and not against player so PVP will not be changed.

The economy also has a specific /redeem command that you gain 1 point of per level after level 12 (the max level requirement to buy any item currently in game). 2 points will be used for a supply signal and 1 point will get u any item in stacks that equal half of a supply signal cost (556 ammo = 44 rounds, Shotgun = 2 etc)