6.25 Korea War - Reconnaissance


What the hell happened to the quality?

jpeg_quality 5? lol.

Good posing, but really what happend to the qualitty?

sorry. I resized my picture so it appeared like this…

I kinda like the quality… It looks like the early 50’s color films.

Ok posing. Quality ruined it for me.

**.jpg **saved as .jpeg saved as **.jpg **and saved as **.jpeg **again

not at all, early colour film looks absolutely nothing like this

also the quality is fucking horrible, set jpeg quality to 100 or use devshots_screenshots and never, ever, EVER resize an image unless you’re shrinking it. upsizing never looks good.

Thank you

There’s nothing wrong with 100% jpeg quality.

The bandwagon left the station years ago, bro.

in game 100%, or photoshop 100%?

the two are vastly different.

Photoshop rapes the quality of my pictures and I don’t know why.
The posing is nice.

what soldiers were used??


I thought your comp. raped your GMod pic quality. Oh well…

Seriously, this pixelation bandwagon stops here. It was good for Kane and Lynch 2, but now it’s seriously overrated

yeah especially since digital pictures didn’t exist before the 90s.

ingame 100% still compresses, unlike devshots_screenshot, which renders a clear, crisp identical image with zero loss in quality.

jpegs coming from the source engine will always lose quality. it might not be as apparent as the ‘dusty’ artifacts on normal jpeg raped images, but you will have compromised pixels everywhere, especially in high-contrast areas.

photoshop uses a different, better method of saving jpeg images so comparing the two is apples to oranges.

The posing seems good. But the quality…

The soldiers models looks awesome, where did you get it ?