6.25 Korea War

cool models are they medal of honor ?

Brothers in Arms is a converted model

dat dof

Looks pretty good, the posing. But that guy in in the 2nd end right, he look like he’s giving a high five to someone. :v:

the dof is really harsh

Jpeg quality + DoF makes for a bit of an eye rape.

Nice concept though.

I don’t see anything good there apart from the posing on the right and obviously the private models. Get a better dof, fix the levitating dead guys, get a better jpeg quality and anti aliasing.

The posing is absolutely awful. Definitively need to work a lot on that.


Good posing :DD
But Dof…

this just in: f word is funny

It was more the analogy regarding the pistol grip, which falls under ‘funny because it’s true’

That’s hilarious!

dont forget the random pan and beans can next to the guy

Apart from the picture’s blemishes, the concept is good, and the models are actually pretty nice.

i like those models, were did you get them?