net.connect frankies.clanservers.com:28046

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Wow awesome server! I just joined 10 minutes ago and there is quite a few awesome plug-ins and the staff support is great!

Wow! This is great explosives are disabled entirely in this server, the only way to get C4 and have enough to raid is to save them up when you get them from airdrops :smiley: since explosives are not in airdrops in this server only C4 :smiley:

BUMP! I love this server man you guys are awesome I love how there isn’t to many people that Kos new players!

Great server, got taken in by a group within a few minutes of talking to one of the admins. Mature people, good PVP, good survival/roleplaying aspects, all in all I’m going to be staying in this server for a long while!

Thanks for the good feedback and support in general my dude! I hope you enjoy your time in the server!

BUMP :smiley: , You can sure as heck get C4s but you can only get them through airdrops which is awesome ! because you can still raid but you actually need to fight for airdrops and stack up on C4 from the airdrops or use Frag grenades too

BUMP for this awesome server! I love the plug-ins and would love for there to be more than the usual 10-15 players daily! (:

Yea it’s been kind of low population, very desolate and kinda saddening.

Yeah I agree , the little people that do play still love how we configured it though so hopefully we can get some more people in (: