6 Feet Deep ~ Rust Clan Recruitment ~ 16+ ~ Fun ~ Humorous ~ Competitive ~ Hard in da Paint!


Hello Facepunch community!

Looking for a Community that has members worldwide? Aiming to get Kevlar? Want friends to play casually with? Tired of solo queuing? Trying to raid a huge base? 6 Feet Deep is for you!

6FD is currently looking for:
-Active players with a microphone
-Players who want to be a part of a close knit community, and if they want, give back to the community
-Players who are Hard in da Paint!
-People looking to have a funny competitive experience!
-Must be 16+
-Must want to have a fun casual experience!

6FD is in 5 different games. We support a lot of different games, that means on your down time you are more than willing to join in on any of them with our other members.

Our Rust:
In our Rust division: We are a very fun, humorous, chill, competitive clan in Rust! We play on several different servers and we play to dominate! We want to dominate servers so much that the admins will have to wipe the server to get the equality back! We are very helpful also! We give back to the community and we want to make friends with everyone!

Communication is a big and important part of 6 Feet Deep.
For right now we just use Skype, but later in time we will have a 500 slot Teamspeak server!

If you are looking for a great place to come and play games and make new friends follow the link below and submit your application, soon after you will receive an e-mail confirmation to begin the process of becoming a member of an amazing gaming community. (check your spam folder for this email as it does get put there sometimes).

6fd.org (Register for a account and then fill out a application! You will be notified through Steam! Make sure to give your correct Steam ID!)

The mission of 6 Feet Deep is to build a premier international online gaming organization; through cooperative development as an independent community focused on structured gaming, while holding paramount honor, friendship, loyalty, and fair play and most importantly to have fun.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our growing organization, you will find 6FD to be a welcoming and accepting group of good folks who just want to enjoy the gaming experience.

Attention! 6 FEET DEEP is currently in a clan battle with Bionic, Delta, and Bandits! Join now!!! We have 12 Active members and 18 overall members!

Happy Gaming,

6 Feet Deep!


do you guys have your own server?

add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071993635


Nice man I’m new trying to join sum thing me and my fried hit me up on steam. Sixburgh805

Not another 6h bumper. :zoid:

I added ya man!

Just joined the page on Enjin. How many members?

8 now :smiley:

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You need to fill out a application!

Before that, let me ask a bit about the age or the members. How old is everyone? I realize that your all at least 16, but I’m trying to find a group a bit older than that. Not that I don’t have all the respect in the world for my teenage brethren, it’s just a bit simpler for myself when I’m dealing with a bit older crowd.

All of us are through the age 18-23

Koo I’ll join tonight after work

I am very much interested, about to join your site :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good man!


Dont they ban for bumping?

The term “Hard in da Paint!” is confusing me, could you elaborate please?
EDIT: just go on a well populated server, make some friends and you have yourself a clan. Aint that hard.

16+?, no thanks.

Jesus, Mary of Christ!