6 Skins for Hoverboard Pack/perfect .50 cal rifle

Found here: http://garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=30101

I made 6 skins for the hover board. made them transparent enough to make out the detail in the board but still have the cool layout on them.

Hope you enjoy.

A pack of 6 skins for the hover board.
-Arctic Camo
-Desert Digital Camo
My favorite
-Tribal 1
-Tribal 2
-Dark Laced




:siren:BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!:siren:

.50 Caliber RifleV2 can be found here:http://garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=30098
The second version of the Perfect .50 Caliber Rifle.

-Weapons list spawn icon
-made 2 new skins
-clip now holds 5 shots at a time instead of just 1.

I did not make the model.
I just resskinned it and improved other things.
Has two different skins to choose from.
Happy Rainbow,or STFU RED.



This is the rainbow skin I made when I was bored.


I don’t want my hoverboard to look like a shoe :frowning:

then choose another skin Maybe?

Yeah, that’s good, but Disturbed, your .50 Caliber SWEP Is Missing some sounds, when you’re reloading there’s no “reloading Sounds”

The basic M82 skin was much better

No offence but those hoverboard skins look really ugly… and the skin for Dann’s .50 sniper is just plain awful.

Yes, sorry dude but i know a bad skin when i see one, i have photoshop and designed a object for a ps3 downloadable game for my work experiance, the texturing was hard. so well done for that, but its the matter of making a good one is all it is.

dude, make your own models or do something that isn’t terrible i would but i don’t know how to model

I have a problem with the snipers.The crosshair keep growing and it’s very hard to aim so can you please fix that?

the crosshair grows if you move or fire don’t you know that cs_base isif you crouch it will decrease in size

Thank you for telling lol
Now this rifle is my favorite rifle!

fantastic !

as a child i used to watch an anime called “Eureka SeveN” but i cant help but want to try to make a skin like the “Ref board”… and alter the coding so it can actually Fly… it would be so nice =d…

oh man, i cant un-see it now…

Nice bump dude…

and Uploaded 824 days ago wtf