6 wheeled vehicles and source

I’m trying to get a 6 wheeled vehicle into into garry’s mod, I’ve gotten it to work perfectly except for one thing the middle set of wheels are stuck in the compressed position of the suspension animation. I think its because i have the middle wheels labeled cr and cl in the qc file. does anyone know what they should be named?

I think your best bet is to make the middle wheels a vehicle of ther own that is parented to the main vehicle somehow. I’m not an expert on vehicles but I don’t think you’re gonna get 6 wheels working on the standard rig.

This pack has an apc that is very similar to what I’m making

I tested it ingame and all six wheels work and have animations. i tried decompiling it but i don’t think Cannon Fodder’s mdl decompile understands vehicle models very well(i tried decompiling the hl2 buggy and comparing it to the files in the sdk folder an they where completely different)

That model actually only has four real, functional wheels. The middle wheels are not physically simulated. I think that it is half weighted to both the front and rear wheels so that it appears to move realistically with them. The default version of the Source engine only supports four wheeled vehicles, to add more you would have to edit the main working code of the game. I think that there are some mods that have done this before though, empires maybe.

i decompile the model and the middle wheels have their own weights (the skin modifier in 3ds max) and thier own bones, so how does that work?

The bones are just there to animate the wheels but in game they aren’t physically simulated.

I’d be interested in seeing this increased in future source versions, maybe then we could have properly rigged tanks :D.

I would also love to see support for other types of vehicle, motorcycles especially. Although with some creative use of animations I’m sure that a functioning motorcycle could be made using the normal vehicle base without any additional coding. I think that ‘trailer’ entities would be a great addition as well, sort of like a normal vehicle that hooks to the back of a player controlled vehicle and applies the brakes at the same time etc so that proper semi-trucks could be simulated instead of having to use props.

Well, those two could be done by valve, but the six-wheel or more thing could be done by garry probably.