60 slot DarkRP server lag spiking constantly

Hello guys, i’ve been running a DarkRP server on the map Downtown_v4c_v2 (typical, right?) and I never had any issues on the server, up until the point where I upgraded to 60 slots.
Personally, my ping on the server hovers around 30-50 with up to 40 people on, however, past 40 it seems that my ping goes up to 130 and constantly spikes up to 250 for periods of up to a minute at a time, during that period of time NOBODY is able to chat (voicechat works flawlessly) and everybody seems to be boomeranging. This does NOT stop until a server restart occurs.
Tickrate is currently at 22, proplimit is 30, and almost all tools are restricted of users.

I will provide whatever information is needed if asked. Thank you!

What add-ons have you got installed? This seems like a problem caused by your host tough.

I’m using NFO and they’re not taking any responsibility, blaming my addons for it. I use quite alot of Scriptfodder addons. My custom addons were all tested and are completely optimized (anti propcrashers, edited stacker, precision and etc.)

Armory/Bank robbery, cac, boombox by CustomHQ, Durgz, enforcer, elitef4, methlab, medic kits, plogs, party system, prometheus for donations, scorpy’s chatbox, rprint, unolimited, utime, theater by chessnut and lastly !suggestions.

Are those the only one’s you are using? Cause that doesn’t seem like too “heavy” as for lagg.

That’s all i’m using. Also, my workshop collection is next to empty, seeing as my server has absolutely no downloads to it (30 seconds to join)

What type of server is yours? Shared? VPS? Dedicated? [Didn’t see anything mentioned in the post]

It’s a basic gameservers I rent out for $60 a month, so i’m assuming it’d be classified as shared.

DarkRP and Garry’s Mod, and I’m guessing most of your addons, aren’t suited for more than ~32 players. Major efficiency (mainly hook and net) changes as well as integrating “addons” into the main gamemode are the only ways to ease server delay. Although there might be a few expensive Think/Tick hooks or net message spam, there will always be stutter with that many players.

Yes, that would be shared, so you’re gonna be sharing with other servers. As code_gs mentioned, its not that good for more than 32 players. If you want more slots, what I would recommend is, buying two 32 slot servers, and just connecting into a SQL database so that people can connect to either and have their stuff on that server also.

Well seeing as there’s servers out there such as Desolution RP that run more addons than me, and the man has even more playerslots, I believe there’s an underlying issue that I cannot get my grasp on.

Because they pay coders to optimise their servers from the looks of it; or at least have devs that go through and remove/modify expensive portions of code. Only a handful make and maintain their own content, but it pays off.

As code_gs just said, it is because those servers have coders that will get rid of stuff that cause alot of problems. If you want a 60 slot server, you might wanna look for a coder that will do this. But remember, it will not be free.

You’re running shit addons and a shit gamemode. You’re also running a tickrate that is too high for said shit gamemode and shit addons. Lower your tick to 16 and it might perform slightly less shitty.

I currently am affiliated with the developer/owner of CloudStream DarkRP which was back in the day among the biggest servers, what he suggested I do is lock my server up, and spawn 60 bots, while removing addons, in order to determine which one is causing the issue.

I’d like to clarify, i’m not worried about the performance issues/high ping, it’s the fact that when the server is full, we get a terrible spike of lag and the inability to chat for minutes at a time.

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I was told that if I were to lower my tickrate any lower than 22 I will experience terrible issues, and was told to instead optimize some shit in my server config. sv_min or whatever the heck values.

Bots don’t create as much interpolation lag as players, so it won’t really help.

What would you advice me to do, buddy?

Either get it recoded by someone, or get 2 servers and hook them together with SQL.

Does somebody have anything to tell me besides “Hire somebody” or “make two servers instead” I didn’t ask for your personal input, I stated a problem i’d like fixed.

that IS the way to fix it, if you dont want it that way, then theres no other way, except you make SRCDS Multi-threaded, but good luck, I dont even know if you can recode it.

Yea, SRCDS isn’t multi-threaded, from what I’ve seen and from what I’ve read, there isn’t anyway to make it multi-threaded. So to your response “Does somebody have anything to tell me besides “Hire somebody” or “make two servers instead” I didn’t ask for your personal input, I stated a problem i’d like fixed.”
"I didn’t ask for your personal input, I stated a problem i’d like fixed."

Your 2 damn BEST options at this point, cause I guess it wasn’t clear that it’s a fix… [Sarcasm]
Buy two 32 slot servers, and use SQL.
Recode it, and make it more lightweight.

If you wanna have a 3 options, you can close your server.

That’s all I can say at this point.