600 seconds

The Extended Cut is finally out and it is great. It answered my questions and gave me closure. Good job Bioware, even though it is a bit late.

Nicely done, it’s much better than my thematic shit.

there’s something about the lasers that just looks off. i can’t really put my finger on it, maybe it’s the almost complete lack of glow

Im so glad people are useing my map :smiley:

And yeah im glad they did the extended cut thing.

Nice work on this too

I think that the perspective might be a bit off

Added a bit more glow to big lasers (ones flying by).

I wouldn’t agree on that mate, I saw your Mass Effect works, some are really great.

Update after post below:
Reuploaded the proper picture. Forgot to turn on the layer with colour correction and lens flares, my bad.

The lasers look way to copy pasted. Should have made some variation in them in size and perhaps slight changes of color. And some color correction might have been nice. The bright fire in the background draws me towards it, yet the focus is on the guys in the front. I can’t tell what I’m supposed to look at.

omg this is so AWESOMESAUCE ONE OF THE BEST MASS EFFECT SCREEN,S I HAVE SEEN YET but i have not been on facepunch long so but yea nice one man


Really good for ME3 pics of Earth in ruins.

it’s very well done, but the posing looks a bit off and there are jaggies all over the place(although that’s probably unavoidable from this far out)