Out of curiosity, how does an extra player join a completely full server?

Reserved slots. It /looks/ like theres only 60 players allowed, but certain players can get in otherwise.

Basically hidden reserved slots. I’ve only seen GMT do this, but the hidden slots are for players transferring from other servers. So you are connected, but you aren’t at the same time, you just get priority over new joiners.

Basically the server sets maxplayers to something like 48, and then sets sv_visiblemaxplayers to something like 40. The server list will then report the server has 40 slots instead of 48. The only way to connect to a server that has all 40 slots filled is to do “connect <server ip>” in the console. Most servers block the hidden slots from being filled though and you’d usually get kicked.

I’ve seen servers like Pulsar Effect use it for admin slots.