64 Slot Server Gamemodes

I have a 64 slot server that’s currently not running anything and I am looking for a good game mode that is designed for more players.

Which gamemodes do people think are designed for larger amounts of players at once?

I do not want to have

*Perp (or any alternative of perp)
*Anything leaked
*any gamemode that already has a server or community that is known for running that specific gamemode.

if you have a favorite gamemode that no-one hosts anymore then whack it in here and maybe people will agree with you and maybe we can bring it back
alternatively if you have a gamemode that you’re working on and you would like to test out please PM me. (Or find me in the Facepunch steam chat)

Bear in mind that i’d rather run unrestricted gamemodes, so nothing freemium where people have to donate for perks.
This is because I personally think that it ruins the game a little if you have to pay for the extras and mainly I can’t be arsed / lack the skills to set up a donation system.

Elevator: Source


With 64 players I think it would need a bigger elevator.