64Mb doawnload ?

Hi all, I have my server on Linux and one on my Windows, on Linux some addons fail to download at 64mb BUT on my Windows ALL download are fine and no 64mb error.

Any issue ?


  1. Make sure you have enough space on your hardrive…
  2. Check to see if the addons are compatible… (not sure if they work like that)
  3. Try google…
  4. I’m not wearing any underwear…

Are you sure you didn’t somehow download the addons another way? I’m pretty sure it refuses to download > 64MB workshop files on all server platforms, you have to manually copy the .gma file

one week ago, Linux download without Fail, I change the collection and then the download fail.

I think your going to need to give us a bit more info… you change what in the collection or did you change the whole collection?

Your server won’t download more than 64mb per addon, it’s some sort of stupid cap.
Download it using the workshop, then extract it with gmad.exe and put it in addons folder.

WorkshopDL sometimes has a weird dl limit. Use FastDL instead if you can. It is much more reliable.

No need to extract it, just rename it to ds_XXXXXXX.gma

I change the ID of the collection