650 Ti, 100% memory usage after a little playtime and 9% core usage (Win8)

Basically my GMOD runs Fantastic for a little bit at 100 FPS or so then it goes all crappy and can’t get above 30 no matter where I look. Assuming VRAM is leaking out and eventually just filling despite there being no props or anything about.

Standard questions: Do you have drivers updated?, what mode are you running gmod in (Direct version)?, are you playing windowed/fullscreen?, what are your other specs?.

Drivers are latest NVIDIA Drivers. Assuming direct verison? And Windoed 1280x720 for better tabbing about. FX-8320 CPU 8GB RAM. It starts off at great performance of like 190 FPS but it will slowly start getting lower despite my GPU and stuff being under only 10% load and the CPU only at 60% VRAM usage stays about 80% on my 1GB card. I’ve got it running in Win7 compat mode and admin with some heapsize thing I found the web to give it more memory. tried to throw as much info as possible. what causes GMOD to slow down over time?

What addons are you running? It could just be a poorly coded addon. Does it only happen on one server, all servers, just singleplayer, or every time you play regardless of how you’re playing it?

If you have it windowed, the FPS will drop significantly, does that for me as well.