68 Chevelle Buggy

Hey, I made this model a long time ago and figured it might be time to release it. Just one thing though, it used to flip and roll a lot, I think because the suspension animation was not playing properly, but I think the vehicle code has changed since then. Because it does not do it anymore. But now there is a new problem, the field of view has been set lower then where the bone is. Do I have to define the X Y Z in the script somewhere?

And I am not great at UV mapping, I really tried but I can not get anything to look good ha ha.



If you just decided to release it, how come I saw it available for download on garrysmod.org ages ago?

I did release it a long time ago but it was removed after 2-3 days and I don’t know why. I think it might have been because it was around the time when episode 2 was released, and someone thought it was a rip of the charger.