6x10 Mapping Competition #1 DoorVille

I’m pleased to announce the first competition in the 6x10 series:


I want you to select ANY locked door from HL2, Ep1 or Ep2 and give the player a chance to find out what’s behind it.

Locked doors are a very important part of all Half-Life games. They control the player’s flow through a level. Sometimes they tease you with a glimpse behind some glass, other times you hear sounds, but in all cases they are telling you “You are not wanted here!”

Imagine this was locked and you entered another apartment. How different would have Half-Life 2 turned out?

You can either follow the same style that has been set surrounding the door, or you can take a slightly more adventurous approach and for example, lead the play down some winding steps into something amazing. It’s your choice.

You can start the map from behind the door, no need to recreate its outside.

It doesn’t just have to be regular doors either. You can select any kind of barrier really, including Combine forcefields.

The winner is the map that does the best job of convincing me that what is behind the door is plausible and fun to play. Abstract maps won’t win in this competition.

Please supply an image of the locked door you propose to continue from and a very brief description of its location and game.

Don’t forget, doors take many forms

***Remember the closing date is 12:00PM GMT 13th May.

Don’t forget to read all the rules!

Full details here:

Please consider entering.

I was hoping it was going to be “Create a level about unlocking a door” which would have lead to some interesting gameplay mechanics and puzzles. This just sounds a bit meh, especially since it has to be “plausible” which severely limits creativity and originality and everybody is going to be mapping something half-life themed.

Pretty good, can we choose another door?

Creating a level about unlocking a door has already been done.

I don’t believe it “severely limits creativity”, maybe it’s just that you can’t think of something cool to make.

And yes, this theme means that everybody will be making something HL themed, but the same could be said for your “unlocking idea”. That’s the point of a theme; to define something to use your imagination within.

Remember, this is just one of 6 competitions. If you don’t like it, sit this one out.

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As I said in the rules on the page you can choose ANY door with HL2, Ep1 or EP2.

Interesting Idea, maybe I will join (what are the prizes?)

All detailed on the competition page, along with the rules, which I urge you to read carefully.

Could you give us a simple example(s)? I don’t quite understand this yet.

The competition page has one explicit example and one suggestion.

But if you remember at the beginning of HL2, the door in the top of the apartment is opened by a citizen, well imagine that this was locked and another door in the apartment was unlocked instead.

Perhaps instead of running across the rooftops, Gordon managed to get into the sewers or something.

Just select ANY door from HL2, Ep1 or Ep2 and use you imagination to create something behind it.

So wait… Take something from the game of HL2, Episode 1, and Episode 2, cut it down and put in into your own map, lock a door that you would normally go to, and unlock a new door that you couldn’t get inside.

No, please read the page properly.

Find a locked door in one of those games that you think could lead to something interesting. Take a screenshot and build a map starting from BEHIND that door.

Send me the map, the screenshot and a very brief description of the locked door’s location.

“You can start the map from behind the door, no need to recreate its outside.” says the competition page

Can the combine portal be a “door”?

The combine fence seems to count.

I’ve had a think about it and decided “No”. It’s too far beyond the idea of a “door”

Combine forcefields are okay though.

Can we have a window? someone could climb in or out of a window

Ah re-read the op. I guess it can’t be a window.

As much as I like the idea, I think it’s best if we stick with the door, sorry.

Oh, well, I had the idea right… Might actually do this one, as it doesn’t have to be ahuge map or anything, and is a pretty open-minded thing.

Oh and I might as well declare here that I am participating

Here is an example of how not to enter


Never mind, I’m going to be too busy with other things to participate in this contest.