6x10 Mapping Competition #3 ChaseVille

Welcome to the third mapping competition in the 6×10 series.

Back in May 2007, I wrote an article entitled Chase – A New SP Gameplay Mode. The idea was to take the chase scene from movies and try to put it into a game or mod.

Well, that’s exactly what I want you to do for this competition.

The playing character can be the person chasing or being chased. You can aim for a timed map, i.e. last as long as possible or reach a certain time, or go for an objective, i.e. reach a certain point in the map.

Visually, you can use any style you want from Mirror’s Edge styles or standard Episode Two textures.

The location can be anywhere: forrest, bunker, canals, Citadel etc.

You don’t have to have one long route but could even go for a Pacman style area.

You can use a vehicle if you want to. You could even have the jalopy chase a razor train if you want to.

Try to take the concept and use your imgaination.

If you have an idea but don’t want to post a question about it, just email me directly and I will tell you whether it is acceptable.

The winning map will be the one that creates an exciting and challenging chase. One that gets my heart rate up. If I am playing and I win on the first playthrough, then that map probably won’t win.

I want to have to play a few times before I can beat it.

I am also looking for subtle and interesting clues given to the player. Something that would help them if they see it. Perhaps it’s visual clue as to which direction to go, or maybe something audible that shows me where not to go.

Dev textured maps will only win if they use a variety of textures in clever ways i.e. like Mirror’s Edge.

I understand that this theme may require larger areas of gameplay than other types of design. Therefore, I won’t place as much emphasis on general detail as I perhaps would in other competitions.

The standard 6×10 rules apply, make sure you read them.

You MUST include a readme.txt file with your map. No readme, no chance to win.

If you have any questions about the theme or judging, just ask.

6PM GMT 16th JULY 2012
As usual, if you have any questions, please use the comments system below or email me directly: planetphillip@gmail.com.

There are NO additional rules that apply to this competition – but make sure you READ the main rules!

Visit the 6×10 Mapping Competition Series homepage for full details of the event and the rules.

So, is there supposed to be some kind of NPC we’re supposed to chase/run from, or just running around.

How would “just running around” constitute a chase?

Yes, there has to be something chasing you or to be chased.

can it be a thing rather than an npc? Because I fail at that kind of thing.

I’m not too sure that 10 days is long enough to create and import custom animations, create a dynamic NPC and create it’s tracks, and design an entire level based around the animations (or probably vice-versa).
But it’s your competition, so your rules.

Then Don’t make a custom npc chase you around. Hl2 was about being chased just about the whole game wasn’t it.

Good point.

10 days isnt enough for decent mappers to get the idea and then design a level with that kind of thematic.

This competition has been cancelled.


Oh my god I wonder what happened.

Well I wasn’t going to be here this week anyways.

Damn it, I JUST got a good idea for a scene and started making it.

Well this is melodramatic.

Just began working on this, maybe we could still upload the maps here so that they don’t get lost…

Must have been something pretty big to lead him to close his website.

If anybody was or is working on a ChaseVille map, please contact me via email.

If more than two people were or are working a map I will discuss ways to continue the comp.