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Hey guys!

Since my non-modded server was a great, big success. I have decided to open
a server to the modded side of things. We are welcoming everybody at this point! We curently have:

P.S To Join :): net.connect


  • Quick (Not insta) craft times

  • Longer Day times

  • Longer Night times

  • Market (Economy) for in game cash, you can buy OR sell gear, weapons, etc.

  • Peronsal msging system, if you need to get a hold of anyone and dont want to do it over the General ingame chat

  • We have limited Kits (More to be added soon)

  • Active Admins (That also don`t involve themselves in playing, just making sure the server is nice and secure.

  • We do have door sharing (Still being edited and worked on, so bear with us)

  • EVents (For rewards)

  • Removal tool

  • We have a decay timer so I can set the time it takes to decay, or disable it all around

  • We have quick tools such as:

    • /Ping, /Help, etc
  • We also have groups, (Again, like the doorsharing we’re currently working on this)

  • Airdrops

  • And as time goes on, we’ll add more to the server, aswell upon user request!

Outside of all that, we focus on delivering a good, fun, quick service to you all, and want to run it like a Community server,
but with the extra use of certain mods!

Any questions? Suggestions? Send me a PM in game or over steam :slight_smile:

Hope to see you all very soon!

Omg, ive been playing on this server since this morning, i definatly give it a thumbs up, great admins, great modifications (not to the point where users can abuse them!), great helpful admins, awesome players (so far!) couldnt ask for any more! you have pleased me to say in the least with both of your servers. thank you for brigning the true meaning of good admins back to rust!

Why thanks Kronic… I was thinking of who you are… Then I remembered. You were the one who always talked me to, because of the res-amblence in names lmao. Why thank you for your positive feedback, the server, and the server’s users appreciate it! Glad to see you back :smiley:

Also for all the new people who are thinking about comming, when you come in, you can type /help commands to see a list of the commands available to you, factions now work, economy is working 100% with updated prices (Reduced) and more items. Doorsharing is now functioning. much more is also in the works!

We now have /location (Works with rustnuts.com), added in extra resources from farming minerals!
Automessages to help you out aswell through your journey! :slight_smile: See you all soon.