7/4 Wiped, Brand new, Noob friendly, No griefing, Active Admins, Airdrops, Events, PVP enabled, Sleepers

Hey guys,

You can join us at: net.connect We started a new server mid-day yesturday, we’re offering incentives to those who come join us for the next few days, we’ll give you a ‘Starters’ Pack, which includes:

1 Metal Door
1 Wooden Doorframe
1 Wooden Foundation
3 Wooden Walls
4 Wooden Pillars
1 Furnace
1 Stone hatchet
1 Bow
11 Arrows
We have active admins through the whole day. Admins are also older, and mature. You can add myself to friends if you have any concerns, questions, or details on any cheaters.

You can join us at: net.connect

We look forward to seeing you in the near future :slight_smile:

Also bringing some other events, and interesting stuff to the server aswell :slight_smile: