7.500.000 players cap

Saw a server with 7.500.000 player slots just now. Is this real? Legit? Anyone playing there on here?

Just asking because the latency of said server is very sweet for me, but I’d like to know if its there to stay or will just one day disappear before I’m committing more hours to it. If anyone have any info on this server, I’d be glad to hear it.

Thank you in advanced.

It’s not real

You never connected, it never existed. It was all a dream~…

7,500,000 player slots, wow i don’t think that many people play rust. Well its nice to know some server out there have some guts.

Wtf ?

Brb testing

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Does Work

server.maxplayers “amount”
Just add whatever insane number you want…

Good to know I wasnt dreaming.

Thanks for the prompt explanation, man. Looks like admin is joking around and don’t intend on maintaining an operational server afterall. Better steer clear and not waste time on it then.

Thank you all for your responses.

Well he could maintain it like this, but after a certain amount of players online. It wont be playable anymore. Lagg, no ress, KoS and many more goodies.

Too true. And god forbid the default player threshold for an airdrop could be at around 50.000 players. :suicide:

if your server provider finds out, your server will be shut down.
i think 250 and one provider with 300slots are the maximun at the moment.

Maximum playability at the cost of slots is 150, my server starts to lag out after 135 and basically when its at 175+ it’ll become unplayable.

Please give Ip this server.

All the more reason to avoid this server as it might get shut down without warning by the providers.

Thanks for the heads-up, mate.