7 - Chapter one: Crossing Dimensions

“7” Is a short Garrysmod film series that revolves around the Half Life 2 universe, but has many changes to its main story. The first chapter does not make sense, but everything will piece together near the end of the movie.

This is my first true attempt at a Machinima, it is hard to get noticed on Youtube and I know people here would appreciate things like this, so watch and enjoy. Thanks!

Wow, that looks very well done. Very promising- I hope to see much more from you!

This is way better then I expected. Great work.

This was really cool. You have a good sense of photography.

I had low expectations before watching this. Boy was I surprised, the cinematography was excellent.
Just lay easy on the aspect ratio though.

The letterbox and aspect is extremely annoying, the manual camerawork leaves something to be desired, some of the sudden motions, such as the car travelling away from the explosion should accelerate, rather than simply be not moving at all and then immediatly be moving at a constant rate, the voice acting isn’t specifically well done and just in general sound compositing requires attention.

However, I am extremely picky. It’s genuinely scary and quite well timed and edited. Definitely want to see the next ep.

Thanks for the feedback and constructive criticism guys! I’m still learning how to do these things and you have definitely helped me.