7 Hour War: The First Engagement



turn up your AF

“Ch’yuh I took dis ting down wit jus’ mah pansy pistol action.”

“Aw shucks, Ah thought wanna dese tings was gon’ be ‘ard t’ kill”

It’s on max.

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“Yeah guys, just ignore the 500+ empty shell casings of 5.56.”

That’s a lot of bullets.

It’s okay but the bullets everywhere ruin it. Also, the Antlions didn’t arrive during the 7 Hour War.

“Dey wuz all missin’, den I was like, BANG BOW FOO! an’ dis bish fall dow’ dead.”


I’m confused as to why the Humvee is flying :raise:

advanced offensive combine technologies

I felt like editing it, sorry for the crappy edit tho, I’m quite rusty in GIMP.

A nice edit.

The picture made no sense to me because why would a guy smoke casually when such action is going on behind him?

But posing is great.

Highly detailed guns = loads of jaggies.

I am pleased to see that you didn’t use Combine soldiers.

The guy smoking looks really nervous to the point where he annoys the hell out of me. It’s a great pose, but that ONE guy just manages to annoy me.

I love the guy running with his shotgun, though.

No, but since they’d been there for years before it, it’s entirely likely one could’ve stumbled into the battle.

This two guys calmly standing while Hammer is falling…this looks strange.
“Hey, high five!..oh…what’s up?”

that humvee behind thats whats up