7 Hours Teaser



Yeah, I know a bit of the outside is showing. It sucks, but the rest of the shot was too good to waste.

You should rename it, gun ship crashing.

thats how gunships fly, lent foward.

oh and good picture. looks intersting

I was talking about how low it is.

It’s low because it’s supposed to look like it’s scanning the area. I’ve seen gunships go fairly low in HL2.

Are you sure? Only a dumbass would fly that low over a fucking electrical plant.

Well, Gunships don’t have a pilot, and they’re extremely manueverable for something of their size.

Soooo, are you trying to say that just because they don’t have a pilot, it means that it’s okay for them to fly that low anyway because no life would be lost?

I think you need to :facepalm: yourself.

No, but they’re less likely to make errors, seeing as the Combine created them specifically for find ground targets. I’d think they’d be able to low over an electrical plant without crashing.

Also, them map had an extremely low skybox. I couldn’t get it any higher.

I didn’t say anything about them crashing, i meant them accidently colliding with those high tension cables, if you touch just one of those, thats 100,000+ volts of electricity instantly. It can kill a human being in less then a second flat.

Their waaaas this one video, someone on top of a stopped train barely even touched a high tension wire and BOOM, BOOM, two explosions (practicaly, although no blood or gore or anything, lol, they looked and sounded like half life 2 explosions) and the guy was dead… and when he collapsed, you could blatantly see that his head was on fire.

And that wasn’t even a cable from one of those huge tension cable towers, that was just above a fucking train, so if that Gunship touched it with one molecule, it would probably destroy the whole ship quite easily.

Unless it’s made of rubber!


Well, I didn’t have much of a choice. That map had the exact look I wanted, and the gunship is posed just about touching the skybox.

Although you did give me an awesome idea.

Pilot knowledge moment: You never fly that low, even if you have the maneuverability. Chances are there could be mechanical failure (or in this case gordon with them dern rockets)

Gunships are pretty unlikely to have mechanical failure, as they are Synths. But, I see your point.

On second thought, I could’ve choosen a better location, but this just looked too awesome.