7 players looking for EU vanilla server. Mature only moderating admins. Wiped TODAY! Minimum 65 players @ peak!

You have to have all we ask for or we wont come.


Good Luck, Finding a server. We have all that you ask for however as its a fairly new server we don’t get 65 players.

How many do you got?

Well its a 50 slot server and its fairly new but with my adding up 4 admins+9 Regulars+ your 7 would be 20 people, but if 20 people are on it would boost up as more people will join as its populated. If you want to try it out just to see how it is message me. ^.^

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If you need more of a reason to join check here and see the information and the reviews http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1379799

Our server is completely vanilla 100 slot server but only 25-30 players peak.Wiped just yesterday
Come check it out

saying that we only get 20 people after saying that we went from 5 players on the week day to 15 in a matter of hours, i think we will have maybe 25 on the weekend :smiley: