70 USD for a modeler


Reavers are my own Sci-Fi creations. Reavers is about the sudden invasion and destruction of Earth, following the life of a National Guard named Jack Paral. The Reavers are frightening, brutal, violent, and mysterious. No one knows where they came from or why they are here. The story takes place a few hundred years in the future. The Government of Earth is known as RUNE, standing for Re-United Nations of Earth. During this time, humans have colonized a few solar systems.

40 dollars

Alright, we all know what you modelers are like, as a majority. You don’t want to make something because you get no personal gain, with exception of increasing your skills and learning new things to make things better.

SO, I have a credit card. It’s a non-re-loadable card, so I’m not worried about some ass stealing my money. What I am looking for: Someone who can willingly provide, securely, their REAL contact information (I will test it), fairly skilled, able to texture, and willing to make multiple models.

Here’s a list.


Assault Synth
Construction Synth
Heavy Synth
Command Synth
Drop Pod
Butcher (plus his leashes and weapon)
Assassin (plus her weapon)
Enforcer (plus his shock baton)
Officer (plus his Gyre Pistol)
Hornet round
Rotation Rifle
HEW 02 Assault Rifle
Javelin round
Pulse Grenade
Ferrying ship
Black Out Bomb

That’s all I can think of right now.

I am mildly interested, although I haven’t yet done ragdolls. I might be more willing to give it a go if I saw what I was going to be working on.

Here’s a concept of one of the Reaver soldiers. (This whole thing is for Reavers, a scifi story I’m making.)

sorry about the hugeness. Thank DA and my lazyness to not resiz images.


GordoFremen would be good for this. What happened to him?

-thinks- Never heard of him. Nor seen his work, probably. I think I’ll look him up.

Another concept:


Although I am interested, I’m a fairly new modeller and I doubt I’m capable of what you’re asking. Just wanted to clear that up so I don’t get your hopes up.

I like your concept artwork.

What do you need the models for?

Posing stuff. Maybe one day having them animated, turned into snpcs, sweps, yadda, yadda, yadda.

By the way, I spent some money, now I have 40 something dollars.

What exactly do you need? I need money to get L4D2.

-moved to first post-

Updated with a “banner” I made in paint. Just waiting on someone to model for me.

Really? No one?

might give it a shot, but I’m busy with some requests. I think you should provide templates for your further requests.

I’m a bit too busy now to do much for this. I might do one of the simpler ones for a few bucks, though.

What if I just asked you to do the butcher and the wanderer? Do you know how to animate?



so you want all that shit for 70 bucks?

It says $40 now in the OP.

well I can model, rig, skin, uvmap… not so hot on texturing though. I’d do it for $70 but you might have to wait until my exams are finished… 5th June before I can really put the time in.

I would like that much, yes. But I’d settle for only a few.

Butcher wip is viewable.

I might be willing to do some of the weapons if you made concept art focused on them.