71AB Roleplay

[release]71AB Roleplay is a small community that operates when 71AB does not do it’s training and other exercises. We do not have any fancy smanchy script, all we have is an addon that allows us to use an RP name. The server has very strict rules that we expect you to follow so that you can receive the freedom entitled to you upon joining.
[ul][li]Respect all players[]Do not Meta/Power-game[]Respect what the administrators say[]Follow NLR[]Do not build excessively large contraptions
The server uses the following addons as content
Alien Swarm Player Models - http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=104684
GDC Assault Weapons - http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=100412

The USA and China have become two of the worlds greatest super powers. They lock themselves in a cold war, with both sides taking small shots at each other in small fire fights, and threatening each other with nuclear weapons and new advancements in technology. After depleting many resources around the world, only one area remains, and both countries lock themselves in a stalemate, trying to gain the resources from that area. However the locals will not tolerate this, and retaliate instead. First attacking both countries. However the United States offers them weapons in return for a truce. They fund the insurgency and the local gang sides with them, ambushing the Chinese and fighting side by side with the Americans.


Other Details
Connecting to the server is easy.
We use Catdaemon’s Ultra Light Roleplay addon for the RP names, and the rest is managed by the administrators and the player. This roleplay is ultimately decided by you. If you are creative, then this is exactly what you are looking for. It is a bare bones sandbox roleplay, and the only limit is the players imagination.
Money is not used in the current storyline, instead people use a barter system where they trade services and goods.
Do note; the storyline is not finished and that is just a brief summary of what is actually going on. All I can say is just join the server and enjoy playing.[/release]


Cool, please insert some pictures. I’ll probably go there soon.

Will do when some of my friends come on. As of now I’ve got a voice radius system in place that I am trying to test, and if it doesn’t work I may just disable voice.

Anyways, last night was sort of fun. A marine went crazy after catching the plague and rebelled against us, which resulted in a 20 minute firefight between me, the corporal, and her. It was definitely fun.

We’ve got scenarios that come up all the time, such as a mutant escapes containment and nobody can find it, so we have to take out a plane and search for it from the sky. Maybe somebody is caught selling drugs, or trying to escape, and they have to go through a public trial decided by the community.

It’s great fun, and when I get my friends on we’ll take some pictures for sure.

Looks cool.
But please learn the difference between ‘too’ and ‘to’, it really hacks me off when people forget primary school stuff :wink:

Meh, I have terrible grammar, I know. However I’ve had shitty English teachers all my life, and they never go over this stuff.

Fair enough.
I walked to the shops to buy an inflateable girlfriend.
I want to play garrysmod all day.
I have stuff to do.

I want an inflateable girlfreind, too!
Can I come too?

:slight_smile: Yes i’m bored.

Haha thanks, I’ll remember that. Anyways I would of taken a picture earlier, but my friend had to go.

71AB Roleplay has a constantly changing story, with additions of new factions, and new problems. We are currently working on adding a rebel faction.

Updated Storyline and links.

Took a long time to download all the stuff to join :d

Odd, it only took me and my friends about 10-20.