71st Airborne Brigade

Are you craving military simulation? Do you want to get as real as it gets. The 71st Airborne Brigade are looking for new and dedicated individuals who would like to participate in combat exercises and military simulations. We don’t take applications, only commitments.

Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/71stAirborneBrigade
Password if locked: 71AB unless otherwise specified.

This isn’t marines, navy, or air force. The model and style we use takes after the current way that is taught in the U.S. Army. Officer Training takes place when announced. The first enlisted basic training is the 11th. The only content needed is Wire and Gcombat. PHX is optional as the server does not have it as of yet, but will soon.

We do have a map in the works and will be released in time for basic training.

See you on the server.

General Lamp

So we roleplay as military people in a Brigade?

If you want to call it that. The 71st Airborne Brigade is actually a real airborne unit. I wouldn’t really call it roleplaying since there isn’t all the OOC requirements or requirement for a roleplay name.

Cool. I would like to try this.

Join the group, it has details on when the next basic training is for enlisted.

this is like the gmod soldiers
but cool anyway

Essentially yes, except I try to be more detailed when I train my officers and enlisted.

Is the server using Gcombat 2009 or GCX?

Gcombat 2008 and GCX :confused: sorry.

Im gonna make another clan or w/e like this so we can fight :V

Haha, or become allies?

Was thinking this was going to be a DoDs realism unit.


we are the Pakistan Marines.


Your nato ideas shall die to our training and killing abilities also add me to sf you and the other guy r offline :confused:

Seems tottaly huge, It’s very good to have for once a normali war simulation in garrysmod.

For all still interested, the first basic training will be tonight at 7:30 EST

I’ll try to make it. It’s just that I need to study so I can get good grades :X.

Basic Training is beginning, just need some people.


Successful basic training. Congratulations to the new cadets.

Sooooo… It’s exactly like roleplaying?

Atleast, you know, gmod-wise…