75th Ranger Regiment: Special Operator with PCU suit.


Real Pic:


Model Hacking: ddok1994 ([EMAIL=“ddok1994@naver.com”]ddok1994@naver.com)
Model Rigging: zz8140 ([EMAIL=“ckdgus8140@naver.com”]ckdgus8140@naver.com)
Original Model, Texture Porting: Predaaator, No5_Sniper
Original Model, Texture: Infinity Word
Real Pic: MJ - S

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ixmwxyzuzor/75th_Ranger_Regiment_Special_Ops.rar
Fixed(Overwrite on Garrysmod folder!): http://www.mediafire.com/file/zminh4nz2md/fix.rar

Have a nice day. :smiley:

XD ! awesome ddok I love it

cool. I found this model first.

Mine shows up as an effect.


Looks awsome

ddok1994 - when you re-upload ARMA Beta Models num 2???

isnt this model part from cod mw2 and the rest is altered? but good model though, downloaded

his helmet should be smaller, like in the picture. did you make the leg thicker? it looks better than default.


mine turns up as an effect, too.

Awesome hack man, but you should fix his legs :confused:

oh, I’ll fix it then. sry

Mine shows as an effect as well.

Well ain’t he a true operator, wearing a cap and helmet at the same time. :buddy:

ace i like the cap :stuck_out_tongue: looks kinda odd tho mainly because we usually see helmets on their own

The whole model is MW2 parts. he torso and arms are from the rangers, pants from the TF141 guys, head from rangers, helmet and cap from TF141.

cap from Gaz

It’s still showing up as an effect :confused:

Great first posts.

fixed. plz overwrite on Garry’s mod folder. :slight_smile: