8/23 Rust Nation *Vanilla* (PvP|NoDura|AD30|Anti-Hack|SickActiveAdmins)

ABOUT 8/23 RustNation (PvP|NoDura|AD30|Anti-Hack|SickActiveAdmins)

  • Server owner name PsYcHo_
  • Server has 4 useful active admins.
  • Server location is Texas,us
  • Server Admins don’t play, only moderator the server.
  • Vanilla Rust Server, No Mods
  • Hackers will be banned! Zero Tolerance!
  • Servers Uptime 100%
  • Join us here: net.connect
  • Durability off
  • Airdrop set at 30 players min
  • Server wipe date will ALWAYS be posted 24 hours before the wipe


  • No Private Profiles *
  • No Cheating!
  • No Spamming or advertising!
  • No False Admins!
  • Players with No Names will be banned!
  • No Vac Banned Accounts!
  • No Fresh Accounts! with only 1 game rust

!Break these rules you’ll be ban instantly! No warnings!

Such a great server, awesome owner and admins. I’ve been playing on this server for about a week now, and will never play on another server because of how fair the owner/admins are. Please join! You will not regret it ;).

Wonderful server! love the admins and never have heard a complaint! keep it up! this server is poppin!

I did participated to the last wipe and it was SOOO nice. Admins were always there and doing crazy awesome job. Never saw a cheater at all. This is definitely my main server now.

Thanks guys looks like we got a nice community going come check us out!


hopped on to check it out, get a little bit a gear, then am instantly killed by a hacker, who claim’s to be “pro” with 10 hrs on rust and Rust being his only game. No admin was on to do anything, moving on too next.

This Server is so awesome :smiley: Admins are sicks!!! No hacker on. Best server i ever seen.

Joined this server about a week ago, within the first 30 seconds of joining the admin TP’d to me to see if I was hacking, he does this with everyone, now that’s a great Admin. He has been the whole time. Hackers are caught VERY quickly and haven’t had a problem with any hackers not being dealt with. The players in the server are great and don’t cry hacks everytime they die beacause they know there aren’t any hackers on the server. Great server to be with for a long time. Join up have fun with us!