8 Assassins - Deathstroke (Batman: Arkham Origins)


Deathstroke from Akrham Origins. Mask as bodygroup and prop + sword, staff and gun. Model works with custom rig script.
!This model is only for SFM! I uploaded source files if you want to make physics model for Gmod.
source files: http://www.mediafire.com/?8xpan8l5wzprykj

Download link for Deathstroke:

Next port will be Deadshot.

Only sfm?..

That was really fucking fast.

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Oh, it uses Unreal. That explains it :V

So just because it uses the Unreal Engine makes getting characters easier? If that’s the case then the cast of Fall of Cybertron would’ve been out over half a year ago. [sarcasm]


Thats not because of the engine.

Thats because nobody wants to do it.

Ain’t that the bitter truth. :suicide: Where the love for Transformers go? This isn’t Michael Bay’s messy robot designs, but something better. If only there were more to help us out man, if only…

the reason this got ported so quickly is because it was already rigged :v:

Look, i like transformers, but even i wouldnt want to port that stuff if i knew how.

I got nothing against you. I’m just saying that I wish there were people around here that could give it a chance.

why’s that?

Well, mostly because of lack of interest.

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Personally, anyway.

I dunno.

Nice well done. Now…gmod anyone?

Godspeed, congtats.

Only SFM? :frowning:

Fixed for gmod.

I had to re-port a sword since the mesh doesn’t decompile at all aswell as .qc.

Oh shit I’ve done goofed with the sword, it is not the exact one what Norpo ported. I will update it ASAP.

Thanks to the poster above and to you, OP! Good work!

Yeah, holy shit this is brilliant.

Could you do firefly?

Try checking the SFM Workshop next time, it’s already been done.

I meant that for NikouT cause of the Gmod Deathstroke. I’m well aware of the SFM Firefly.