-- 8=D [Just Wiped 1/22] ECONOMY |US East| Pvp/Sleep/Oxide mods. 100 slots

Hello people!

I’ve had this server up for about a month now, it’s just been upgraded to a 100 slot, and completely wiped. Crafting is set to 1/4 time. Airdrops to 10 players min.
We all ready have a base of around 20 active players on the server.

Connection info: net.connect

I’ll get straight to the point of this post. I want the most hardcore ruthless badass pvpers on my server. I’m tired of the cupcake nonsense. I want factions! I want all out war.

There is only one admin, me, I DO NOT abuse.(a few other people have the ability to kick/ban thanks to Oxmin to get rid of hackers) I play daily. I’m a very fair person, but I will shoot you on sight if I don’t know you. I’m tired of every person I kill in this game crying admin abuse. With no proof what so ever.

No I will not accept donations for loot, or teleports, or admin abilities. Don’t ask.

DO NOT JOIN my server if you are a crybaby punkass and can’t handle a death or two.

It is a modded server, so far the mods installed are:

*Door Sharing
*Basic Economy (This mod was just added and prices/available items are still being tweaked by me)
*TPA (7 teleports per server restart)
*Starter Kits (A one time use revolver, and 5 uses of a hatchet some cloth armor and bow and arrows.)
*Private Messaging
*Chat History
*Grass always off
*Nudity on (cause who doesn’t love the D)

More mods will be added, maybe some removed as Oxide grows.

We also have a 50 person ventrilo server with plenty of channels available to anyone on the server who wants to use it. I’ll give that info out in game.

Thanks for reading, please do stop by and join the killing!

I’ve connected and been playing here for a couple days now, and the above post is spot on from my experience thus far. I love me some PVP and i’m satisfying that here. I do need a couple people to gang up with me… so if you join, PM Barthalonious Monk!


Yea we need some hardcore pvp on this server would be nice to have tons of other players to shoot at ;).




Tonight was fantastic.

There were these handful of guys that have been going around and bullying the server, which is all good and fun until they got to me a couples times. After a few days of this me and my buddies decided to group up and fight back. We found their HUGE place, chalk full of lootskeez, and we looted it clean while they were out making their “rounds”. After we took their fortune we changed out the front door and brought nothing but shotguns with us. They rolled up, straight deep in the lootz and all lined up at the door… we opened it up, BOOM! we came around the corners of the house, BOOM! Our buddy up on the ridge with the bolt action, PIZAOW! We made those guys rage quit. Today was a good day.