8-way movement for a playermodel?

I’m trying to make a custom SCP playermodel, and to do so I thought it would be nice to make it move in 8 different directions, like normal playermodels using m_anm, (N,NW,NE,S,SW,SE,E,W), but when looking around for a playermodel like mine to see the QC (as it’s very likely that addons have a simplified version of valve’s QCs) I noticed none of them have 8-way movement, even the pony animations, that so many people use, only have forward and backwards, when searching online this came up https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Player_Animations and it’s not of great help, as it only says this:

I was wondering whether or not it was possible in the first place and how can someone do such thing, as I don’t want to do something without knowing if it’s even possible first, the number of animations won’t be a problem either since I only need the walking (8-way) and attack (only for melee, no aimlayers).

I think you might be a bit confused on how 9-way works and I’d recommend using 9-way instead of 8-way if your wanting to create a playermodel, 8-way is kinda phased out of gmod, except for the HL2 NPC’s as stated on the wiki.
As the wiki states, both the 9-way and 8-way achieve essentially the same result, the only difference is that the 9-way has the added idle animation for smooth transitions from the idle animation. the added pose parameters move_x and move_y work like this;https://i.imgur.com/8ODage5.gifv
the move_x values control the forwards and backwards animations and move_y values control the left and right animations, combining the two pose parameters allows you to fill in the other 4 combination directions.

Now, if you’re looking for the 9-way qc material, you only need to go into robotboy655’s gmod-animations github link found on the same wiki page and download all of the files and just sift through the qc’s until you find what you need, or decompile either m_anm.mdl or f_anm.mdl, either option should contain most of the core animations and pose parameters that most if not all playermodels use. you’ll usually never see any kind of pose parameters in player models themselves unless they are fully custom with their own animations and 9-way, however most people don’t really bother making custom 9-way animations as it’s pretty difficult(or lazy) to have it animated(properly).

I’d recommend just trying to get whatever your player model is onto the default skeleton and animations/9-way, this makes your life a whole lot easier especially if you don’t know how to animate characters or in general.

That’s the stuff, I didn’t know about 9-way movement being the one with idle, makes sense, I must have missed it in the text but yes that is what I wanted to do, thank you so much, since my animations are few so crowbar will still be able to compile it, I will not only follow your advice, but will probably end up decompiling m_anm for the QC anyways, unless I find some problems.
Hopefully I won’t, I won’t need all the animations since this PM is for a certain server and it’s very restricted, won’t jump or swim or crouch, or use any animation other than walking and attacking melee.