80-90's Russian Army

New Year present for Source Community

1.Uniform with “Butan”, “VSR-93”, “Kamysh”
2.Gorka with KLMK, Khaki
3.6B3, 6B2, Chest-A, RD-54
4. SSH-94, SH-68, Ushankas, Beret, Beanie, Cap - with “Butan” variants and Khaki

Thanks for Previews\Tests:
Slim Charles, Richofencrazy, Pixel, Aleksandr74_rus, USSR-Catastrophe, Pyro, Alich, Boris the Blade

Special thanks for help:
Azazel, Boris the Blade

MWR Spetsnaz

Badge fix for Chechen War:




These look fantastic, great work.

Good stuff.

Nice to see them finally released, great work as always comrade!

not to cause any trouble or anything

but i cant help but notice how odd this file looks when downloaded



Open with WINrar

Great models!

Hello I have problem with some missing texture.

Did you install it?


I guess you need this…

Would anyone be able to upload this to MEGA or Dropbox? I can’t download these due to SmartScreen blocking Yadisk downloads for some reason.

I have tried turning it off and downloading it, also.

I don’t know why, but for some reason the thing doesn’t download a .7z file. it looks like an executable while downloading and isn’t in the winrar book bundle looking thing when on my desktop.

edit :

It’s really confusing because I haven’t had a problem with Yandex before, and it says it should be downloading a .7z file. but in reality it’s something else. the file type in properties just says “file”

Just add a .7z to the end of the filename.

Do I need the Cod MWR stuff for the faces? their checkered

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Nevermind I probably do anyways

Fukin sweet!

Thanks bro :slight_smile:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7yWgb_T15Q Everytime I’m on this page

It’s cool.
Also the soldiers in MGSV:TPP are great, will you make that?