'80s Brick Phone (Motorola DynaTAC)

Not 100% accurate, but I made it for modeling practice and then FunnyStarRunner wanted it for GMod and now here it is. I half-assed the charger.

Comes with 3 models
~Phone (4 skins: 1 fully tan, 1 tan w/ black faceplate, and then those two but with a phone number in the screen)
~Charger (2 skins: on and off)
~Charger w/ phone in it (4 skins: same as regular phone model)

You can use the bodygroup/skin changer tool to change the skins.


“yes mother I can hear you fine”


Don’t forget to tip the waitresses!

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I forgot to upload it, one moment please

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A great thing to throw and kill someone. :v:

This is going to be great.

Deans work is always worth downloading…

this is perfect for all your 80s brick phone needs

Thank you so much for creating the only cell phone model I will ever use again!

I feel like I’ve gone back to the 80’s/early 90’s with these phones.

nice but u shuld make it a wiremod enabled SWEP that like connects with each othre and u can talk thru them

With like it’s own beep, ringtone, and scrolling LED text messages.

This is greate for GTA Vice City poses.

she weighs 40 kilograms and cost 3 dollars per minute, it cost 180 dollars to use for one hour.

Cool! Though Gman might lose some hair…but then again he’s an “alien”…

Nice model, should be useful for random 80’s shenanigans…Like brain cancer.

Except that’s a 70’s song.