80's Mystery Biker

just an idea i had… thought i might share… mostly models from the sims 3 and gtaIV, but the bike and the uzi are from somewhere else(don’t remember source)

big thanks too GoodDoctorF for the help with fixing the collision model.
all other credits in the addon.txt

coming to workshop soon stay tuned.

uzi and motorcycle included.

oh my god this is everything i dreamed of and more 11/10

Awesome! Waffle/11

Fkn retro, noice mate!



But yeah, very nice. The bike looks pretty Borderlands-ish, but that’s really just because of the cel-shading. Probably too dull to be The Wolf Among Us.

i actually just found the origin, it was in some addon pack in garrysmod.org the bike is from a yu-gi-oh game for the wii, lol…