80's Soviet army [HELP PLEASE]

Hi everyone, I want to request a model, because the closest we have to this are modern russian federation troops. not what I want.

Im looking for something along the lines of this:

with this badge(upper left side):

some with ushankas, some with soviet m-60 helmet:

and some with GP-5 gas mask

If you are interested, here is a good webpage where i got most images of the russian soldiers

and can you also reskin citizen heads for this to make them look like russians?

and dont forget the player models and npcs!

Some in there.

im looking for soviets. those russians gear is not accurate. and not what I want.

Probably the best you’re going to get, unfortunately. Nobody likes hacking/modeling/skinning things for a single person, and most people who do want '80s Soviet soldiers are fine with the CoD4 ones.

Make that two persons. :pseudo:

well, if you havent noticed, we have very few cold war material.

for example, all of the cod4 soldiers we have seen are from the russian federation.
or are from ww2. all of the cod4 soldiers we have seen look like western soldiers. if they didnt have ushankas and the badge, you would think these were european soldiers!

but… With 80’s soviets, we could make lots of things!

Russian Spetsnaz NPCs hiding in the statue of liberty waiting to be bombarded…

awesome poses…

and, since eastern bloc countries used gear very similar to that of the soviet union, these could be reskinned to eastern german guards, romanian militia, soviet troops in afghanistan, hungarian troopers…

There was a mission in Call of Duty 4 where you had to go to Chernobyl in the late '80s or '90s, I can’t remember.

yeah, but it was full of terrorists