81-82 Transportation Request

It would be nice to work on at least one form of transportation for the next update
whether it be:cars, horses, boats, rafts, hot air balloons, maybe even planes,
we need some sort of trasportation in rust.

Cars-Fast safe-ish land travel, slower off road faster on roads (depending the car)spawns rarley

Horses-Fast land travel, a good speed all around except for uphill.

Boats-can traverse the deep waters fast, slow in rivers, can carry items.

Rafts-can traverse shallow and deep waters, just slower and can’t carry anything onboard

Hot Air Balloons-Slow air travel, easy to make, very large and easy to shoot up,
requires more fuel-per-second the more damaged it is, easy to control.

Planes-Fast air travel, hard to control, spawns rarely.
Edit: Only spawns at airfield (duh)

Please do consider working on one of these for the 81-82 update.

Planes, hot air balloons maybe but no ability to steer. I don’t think aircraft should be something we can squire in rust

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On scone thought not even balloons, the chopper will just waste you so no one will make them anyway

Hot air balloons. So now the rich can land on top of your base and c4 downwards.

No thanks.

Planes? Cars? How about submarines and light speed rail? Maybe a space ship that will shuttle you to a different land?

Horses and horse drawn wagons are the only transportation I can see that would be acceptable.

81-82? It is too early. I think not sooner than the 90th.

Well, they’ve already started working on cars, so…

I mean, I agree that flight would just complicate things more than would be worth dealing with. But quick ground transport seems a necessity. If nothing else, the cargo space is needed. If you don’t know about or play on a server that doesn’t allow the super-stacking trick, then transport and storage of mats is a massive issue.

To many other things to concentrate their efforts on. I think vehicles of any sort should be a bells and whistles type of thing and is not really needed atm

You have a point there, I never thought of that, but do note that they are large and can easily be shot down. and I’m pretty sure if you would try an aerial raid random people will shoot you for the fun of it.

If I can make a ballon I’m flying the fuck off rust island and never coming back!

What we absolutely need is a…

Just another option for clans to dominate.

Too bad they couldn’t add random earthquakes that hit more around the monuments. That would be fun.

True, but what’s to stop them from going to the enemy’s base with the necessary materials and crafting the balloon right outside of their base?

I could see crude hot air balloons fitting in the world of Rust, but the raiding aspect kind of would be an issue.

You know, a broken down monorail with broken down tracks on a randomly generated path at each fresh map may not be a horrible idea. It would be a a communal asset and need to repaired all around.

Not sure if serious, but I could get behind a static rail line type transport system. If it circled the island, I think it would probably be too big for any clan to monopolize and could prove an interesting point of conflict (like rad towns, etc).

That doesn’t mean they are for transport. Could just be another event like the chopper.

Climb the power poles and zip line

Thought of that afterwards too, Balloons would need time to inflate and a big clear area to place it down, I think that would be good enough, because as you mentioned balloons would be a very powerful asset to a raid; but they would also be very fragile, or you could just inflate them miles away and fly so high in the sky not even bullets could reach you, but then it would be very hard to land shots from such a high height.

A hand cart and train tracks would be cool.

I would like the idea of horses and horse drawn wagons, if oil only spawned in the desert and quarry in plains. That way they would have to carry oil from the pump jack to the quarry and vice versa(stone to pump jack). If you’re riding horse back I can shoot you off. And if you’ve got a wagon train you become a target.

Surprise! This’s been an idea for ages; well, sort of. First, some concept art from the old trello (still mostly valid AFAIK):

https://trello-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/54bfc75d62785dcae78487ff/1285x616/357c006f4314583e9d9f422135262bb6/train-2.jpg[/t] [t]https://trello-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/54bfc75d62785dcae78487ff/1162x670/a1fa82c72060f348e16e106143c5b73f/train-1.jpg[/t] [t]https://trello-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/54519098cc7e6fa315321c68/1200x675/8b723ccb90955b69d04bc00376031587/monorail_environment_01.jpg[/t] [t]https://trello-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/5491b3a6e681144c8040d38b/859x483/584fe1f64d920a52d65b160b4ded1377/mist-ruins-2.jpg[/t]

And, devblog 70 back in July:
[t]https://i0.wp.com/files.facepunch.com/garry/2015/July/23/2015-07-23_12-48-00.jpg[/t] [t]https://i0.wp.com/files.facepunch.com/garry/2015/July/23/2015-07-23_12-48-15.jpg[/t] [t]https://i1.wp.com/files.facepunch.com/garry/2015/July/23/2015-07-23_12-48-39.jpg[/t]

And, as mentioned in devblog 76, this is the next ‘dungeon’ area being prototyped out for procedural generation as of then:

However, I don’t believe the intention is for any trains to actually be fixable, nor will the track be mostly intact along much of the route – you’ll be able to patch over some gaps but possibly not others (depending on how the generation ends up, I have no idea, but it was mentioned by the devs as an idea they wanted to try). So… it’s not exactly transport in the vehicle sense.

But! If the terrain generator was kind enough to spawn a significant amount of unbroken lengths of ruined rail with gaps not too huge in between intact segments, a group could secure and run a rapid elevated trading route, which could be very cool. Could (theoretically) even build walls along the edges of the rail both to prevent falling and to prevent being sniped with zero cover on an elevated highway.

I wish they had some kind of back story! Anything really, the helicopter now has the feel of the game more like a weird experiment rather than trying to survive after a huge calamity. If we were trying to survive after a nuclear war or pandemic why doesn’t the hell try to pick us up? If we are infected with something why don’t they kill nakeds too? Its just hard to rationalize without the back story

There is a backstory.

The devs just haven’t disclosed what it is, yet. They’re keeping some stuff from us because spoilers. Game’s quite unfinished and not in its final form by a long shot.

No, I don’t have any inside knowledge about what’s coming, I’m just pointing out how the devs have responded in the past. However, there have been hints, if anything in the game now can be relied on, that the island(s) Rust takes place on is after civilization. Something happened and the Newmans are salvaging the scraps of civilization. Alternatively, there might be some freaky Truman Show bloodsport business going on, since there are airdrops.