82th Airborne

hey guys i need to know how i can add an helmet on a ragdoll. i have two wwii 82th airborne soldiers ragdolls and i need to add to them an helmet like in this pictures http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=941187....How can i do it?!? and where can i get other 82th airborne ragdolls?!?

eighty secondth

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eighty twoth?

or hundred and firth airborne 101th

You know, there is a thing called “easy bodygroup” on workshop. I do think that you didn’t know it.

Hauptmann thanks…and with this " easy bodygroup" i can also add or remove helmets with a ragdoll?!?

Yes, you can change gear, helmets, and nothing.

and can u give me the link for this bodygroup?!? and maybe can u explain me how to use this bodygroup?!?


82th page of the worskhop

workshop is formed by 4 pages!!! -.-


Why don’t you try looking up the bodygroup tool yourself? It’s not that hard to find.

Yea sorry, you have to donate 300$ to Garry in order to get to the 82th page.

try the 101th page otherwise

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join the one hundred and firth chairborne oorah