82th Rangers are Lieutenant escorting Eva.



EDIT Thread title: 82th Rangers are Lieutenant escorting Eva. -> 82th Rangers are escorting Lieutenant Eva.

Her knees and ass look edgy but thats propably model’s fault. Otherwise good.

82th rangers wat

She is so…


Her model looks pretty…
nice :q:

Why is she glowing?

Isn`t it 75th ranger regiment? BTW it looks good!

it’s not an model, edit.

i think there are problems in title
Lieutenant escorting -> escorting Lieutenant
however nice edit hehe

bad reading

Looks good man, dunno where that middle soldiers left hand is creeping. If you get my drift :smug:

Also the title should be:

82nd Rangers [sp]are[/sp] escorting Lieutenant Eva

Get someone full English to check the spelling lol

If only those models were faceposeble.

Nice use of models and editing

Why is he taking point if he’s holding a person instead of a gun

82nd Rangers regiment doesn’t exist by the way.
82nd Airborne does however, and so does 75th Rangers.