9/12 The Rusty Bucket Remove|no Durability| Oxide| groups| New Server

Hello Me and a few friends (about 10 to 15 of us) just created a new server.

Welcome to The Rusty Bucket!

we have Insta Craft, no Durability, Oxide plugin, Groups, Remove tool.

80 player slot server Based out of Dallas Tx

Check us out anytime.


Edit* We now changed from halfcraft to insta craft

Great Admins on duty. Love this site!

Good Server! The admin crew is friendly and helpful. I Highly recommend it.

Active admins, welcoming environment - stop by soon!

Bumping for Edit

I have just under a thousand hours on Rust and this is the best server I’ve been on. They even have contests with super rewards! Come join me!

bump :slight_smile:

We are really doing our best as admins to make sure we make this the best damn server possible.