9:30pm EST Last Man Standing Brawl(Info Inside)

At 9:30pm EST we will be hosting a fight to the death for all oncomers into the arena! You will enter with just a rock, fight your way into the buildings and surroundings to search crates for items that have been previously laid out! Large Structures in the area as well as barricades and all items will be dispensed within the area for you to find. There is only one winner, who at the end will be handed a prize for standing as the last man alive! Up until 9:30pm est you will be able to investigate the Arena and plan your strategy, the middle structure does appear to have the best vantage point and even perhaps the best items? Will you be able to outlast the rest?

from console(f1)


we will also be in the teamspeak channel located at :

Good Luck, Have Fun

May the best man win!

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