"9 Months later" HWECQI babys die


Crappy morph.


“ROCK ON KID!!! I WILL NEVER BE A FATHER (Or mom)” - Userderth

What is this.

amazing concept. 10/10

This. www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=923614

My head is full of fuck.

Also, keep personal skin poses in the personal skin thread.

I thought I told you to keep it in the perskisn thread.

Forgot, Well i will place it there now.

try to avoid using default ingame blood

and get a better angle

Ok, I yet have to find a blood tut for gimp.

Horrid horrid theifing from Butthurter, FILTHY PICKPOCKET! PICKPOCKET! PICKPOCKET!

Good, very good.
Son, I am [sp]p r o u d![/sp]

You are indeed, a sick person.

What the ass.

You killed my babies.

Keep perskin poses in the personal skin thread.

I probably will do a counterpose as well.

mauahahha if you make me has your babies, they will die to.

So I clicked that link, half-expecting to be enlightened, and yet I had to open another four tabs to find the full backstory.

Your link refers me to another post, that post refers me to another post and that post refers me to yet, yes you guessed it, another post.

I cried.