9 Reds and a Lugia

It’s my first G-mod video I’ve ever done…sooooo I wanna clarify a few things:

  1. I had no idea the no-collide tool was there so expect awkward-posen props on the ragdoll’s hands (specially on Medic’s bonesaw which looks HORRIBLE).
  2. The recorder tool I have apparently doesn’t have a way to remove the mouse pointer even if it doesn’t show in-game, so the recordings will have it in middle of the screen.
  3. Yes, posing isn’t top-quality. Not a good ragdoll poser myself. :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Overall, expect the job of a novice.

Hope that wiith that in mind it’s still enjoyable.

Note: this is my girlfriend’s YT account and not mine’s (my computer uploads terribly), so any feedback should be posted here instead please.

Commented on Youtube.

Next time turn Physbeam off. You can turn it off under the Utilities tab, I think. Also need to figure out how to turn off the HUD.

That was pretty nice : ) Ofcourse not perfect, but good start. The story was great, the best thing in this video. It was funny and sad and i liked it, and it was pretty orginal too : ) I think you did really well if this was your first gmod video.

Only bad things in this video was the slow picture transistions. It would have been better if you had made it all in a video form i think and not using pictures, cos then you could maybe move the ragdoll around a bit while “its talking”. Maybe you can think about that when you make your next video? :slight_smile:

Anyway I didnt mind the pictures and all that and thought about the overal story and spirit of the video, for that you get 8/10 from me. Good job ! Keep making videos : ) ?

To Ryu-Gi: Yes, I said clearly I didn’t know about the no-collide tool back at then and I was aware the pose was very off. :stuck_out_tongue: That along with plenty of tools I wasn’t aware of 'til you just mentioned them here (thanks for that. :slight_smile: ). XP I haven’t used Gmod very much anyway. Yet thanks for the feedback!!

Quite boring.