91% & A dream | AK research Attempt

I had this clip laying around from when I tried to research an AK and this is how it went…

Good one :smiley:
I think those 91% were your max because this ak was already repaired once.
I never researched AKs with frags, there are just too many you can put in for 30% and later repair them and use them to shoot with if it didnt work.

Haha I actually found the AK in a barrel on a vanilla server, i used a clip out of it to shoot nakeds with bows thats all, i didnt have the full 1k frags to almost guarantee research but yeah was so unlucky :s

yes sure… but I still can’t recommend using 1k frags on an AK because even though I got the BP from researching for 30% without frags I never crafted a single one. I ended up having booth at the airfield where I handed out free AKs. I had 2 customers.

Agreed but at the time our group really needed the AK