''98%, 99% 100% commencing fire.''

It took me one and a half hour in total, pose and edit by me. C&C please.
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Im loving that laser effect, but it should look less transparent I think.
Posing is fine too.

And may I ask, which model is that one? :open_mouth:

That’d be the combine guard, good sir.

err…the hell is that?

It is a robot shooting a laser to something offscreen.

Yeah, like always.

that’s quite awesome



Plus 1 agree for you, i took it from the hl2 leak.


Ok ill keep it in mind, it’s the hl2 beta combine guard.


Isn’t it obvious?

It’s good pic, but the backround is bland and the smoke is flat again.

Pretty cool. Camera angle is really bad though.

I know i think i will do it again (pose and edit) tomorrow.


Chesty thinks it’s cool :smiley:

The weapon effects are pretty awesome, but you need to go easy on the whole foggy/mist stuff. If you’re going to do it, make a new layer that is on-top of the layer your character is in and put some mist there, then make another layer that is behind your character and add some more. Hopefully this will make it seem more 3D.

Ok, saved in notepad.

What’s that green fog thing around it? Nice laser effect.

Thanks, I wanted to make it look an alien coming out of a spaceship like in movies.

Ah then it makes more sense:)